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Hi GLIXITIZENS! Berk aka Princess Camel aka Guerrilla Pimp Minion Bastard and BGANSPIEL team introduces you a fresh, exciting, fuckin' weird, one of kind experience called GLIXITIES!

GLIXITIES is a realm of ever evolving GLIXY ontology. Since 2020, BASTARD GAN PUNKS, GLICPIXXX & ARTGLIXXX EGOGSYSTEM are smearing the digital world, appreciating AI and glitch aesthetics. Now they all came together within GLIXITIES alongside works of other artists, where you can utilize them with our awesome builder system to create your audiovisual extravaganza!

GLIXITIES is an online virtual world where you can design your glitchy realm, and have fun daydreaming. GLIXITIES is not your typical METAVERSE. Inside GLIXITIES, every matter is GLICCED and CONNECTED. The space is bent. We researched and developed various ways of manipulating the imagery and showcasing corrupted and glitched thingies. And we will keep adding new gimmicks to make the GLIXITIES realm even more fucked up and funny!

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EXPLORE Creations of XITY holders

In GLIXITIES, XITY owners are the artists. Explore the creations made by them! In the initial release, you will only be able to explore a single XITY at a time; but we plan on implementing "semi open world" view so multiple neighbour XITYs will be viewed together!


You can create scenes with the XITY editor and publish it to your XITY to flex your artwork to everyone! In XITY EDITOR, you can experiment with different object and texture types to create your trippy experience.

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GLIXITIES consist of 2447 XITYs from sizes of 1x1 to 6x6. Owner of a XITY can showcase their creations to everybody!

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Creations by Berk such as BGANPUNKSV2, GLICPIXXXVER002, SSSL are natively supported as asset types in GLIXITIES initial launch. More collections (and future ones) will be available too. 3D objects, textures, audio files... Also, partnerships with artists will expand the realm of GLIXITIES by the time.

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